Bio: Hey, my name is Stu Wiggins! I'm a proud Canadian Citizen , born and raised in this beautiful country. I am a soccer fanatic.( I'll call it soccer, to avoid confusion for my North American readers) If you can't tell by my user name, I am a massive Chelsea FC fan. Other than soccer, I enjoy writing, history, video Games, eating, and reading. I started this blog to discuss soccer with fellow fans, but other things will appear on my page two. I find history, particularly War history, fascinating.. It would probably be my second passion, I can spend hours just reading about historical events. In my spare time, if I'm not playing soccer, you can probably find me playing video games. ( Probably playing FIFA). I Am a pretty laid back guy, but am always up for a good old friendly debate. Everyone has their own opinions, I love getting to hear those that oppose mine. Feel free to comment on any of my posts with your feedback or your opinions, I value feedback. So happy to finally be on here, can't wait for some amazing discussions.

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